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Through her eyes - Richiestaccordi
Dream theater - Through her eyes
INTRO (Voice):
D   D/F#   G   D   D/C#   B-7   Asus4   E/G#   A     x2
G   A    D

INTRO (Piano):
G   G/B   E-7   Cadd9
G   D       E-7   Cadd9

G                                                   D/F#
She never really had a chance, on that fateful moonlit night
E-7                                       Cadd9  
sacrificed without a fight, a victim of her circumstance
G                                                  D/F#
now that I've become aware, and I've exposed this tragedy
E-7                                               Cadd9  
a sadness grows inside of me, it all seems so unfair

E-                                       D                                                  G
I'm learning all about my life, by looking through her eyes

G  G/B  E-7 Cadd9

G                                                       D/F#
just beyond the churchyard gates, where the grass is overgrown
E-7                                               Cadd9  
I saw the writing on her stone, I felt like I would suffocate
G                                                 D/F#
in loving memory of our child, so innocent, eyes open wide
E-7                                     Cadd9  
I felt so empty as I cried, like part of me had died

E-7                                       D                                                A-7
I'm learning all about my life, by looking through her eyes
and as her image wandered through my head
   G                                         D
I wept just like a baby as I lay awake in bed
A-7                                             C
and I know what it's like to lose someone you love
        E-7                       D
and this felt just the same

G                                                 D/F#
she wasn't given any choice, desperation stole her voice
         E-7                                                   Cadd9  
I've been given so much more in life, I've got a son, I've got a wife
G                                               D/F#
I had to suffer one last time, to grieve for her and say goodbye
E-7                                             Cadd9  
relive the anguish of my past, to find out who I was at last

E-7                                     D                                       C
the door has opened wide I'm turning with the tide
A-7                                   G      
looking through her eyes

G   G/B   E-7  Cadd9         … ad libitum

E-7: 022033
Cadd9: x32033
D/F#: 2x0232
B-7: x2023x
Asus4: x0223
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